This list of rules and regulations may be altered or augmented by the School

1.1 Silence shall be maintained for an appropriate study atmosphere. Students who trespass this rule will be asked to leave the Library and should do so immediately.

1.2 Food and drink shall not be taken into the library.

1.3 Respect of library material: marking of any library materials is forbidden.

1.4 Students shall leave their bags in front of the “library” door. Do not take them with you into the library. If you have your laptop in the bag, take the laptop out and leave the bag in front of the “library” door. The Librarian is authorized to check your bag when you leave the Library.

1.5 School uniform rules fully apply within the Library.

1.6 The use of mobile phones is prohibited inside the library. The librarian has the discretion to confiscate (for the rest of the day) any mobile phones used during sessions. Students may use personal lap-top computers, provided that they comply with the School’s policy for acceptable use. However, no games or movies are allowed on personal lap-tops as well as on library computers. Users of this equipment may be required to work in specified areas. The Librarian has the discretion to confiscate any laptop (for the rest of the day) in the event of misuse.

1.7 The Librarian has the authority to stop any activity in the library which she/he considers prejudicial to the safety, well-being, or security of readers or library staff. The librarian has the discretion to ask the student or a whole group of students to leave the library in the event of students’ misbehavior. The librarian has the discretion to issue demerits, arrange detentions and must inform form teachers and the principal of the school of any misbehavior of the students.

2.1 Students may borrow up to 2 books per time. Additional items may be issued to borrowers at the discretion of the Librarian.

2.2 The normal loan period of items is 7 days. At the discretion of the librarian this period may be reduced for items in demand.

2.3 DVDs/CDs, magazines and journals are non-borrow able. Students may use them within the Library.

2.4 Books must be returned or the loan period renewed on or before the due date for return. No renewal shall be granted for books in demand. Renewals must be arranged in person. If the student is sick, please telephone the reception and ask to speak to the Librarian. Alternatively, you can send an e-mail to the following for renewal requests:

Sherouk Library :

Tagamoa Library :

Nasr City Library :

2.5 Items borrowed from the Library that are returned after the due date are subject to charges.  A 10 LE fee will be applied for each day late. A notification email will be sent to the School principal.

2.6 Students are requested to take care of the library material borrowed /used.   In case the material is lost or damaged, the student is obliged to cover the replacement cost.

2.7 If the book is LOST the student is billed for the replacement cost plus 25% of the current price of the item to cover the administrative overheads

3. In the event of any breach of the above mentioned rules,the librarian and the school may take one or more of the following actions:

  • A verbal warning
  • A  suspension  or withdrawal  of the users’  right to use the
    School’s Library facilities
  • An appropriate disciplinary action (at the discretion of the
    Librarian and/or principal).

4.1 A borrower should be a student or a staff member at NIS.

4.2 Each one can borrow up two books at one time.

4.3 Loan period is one renewable week.

4.4 CDs, Films and Magazines cannot be borrowed.

4.5 The borrower is responsible for the books in his possession.