• External Borrowing Library: Students  can  borrow  two  books  for  one  [renewable]  week.
  • In-house use of library materials: Students may use any available information resources in
    the reading area inside the library.
  • A/V Materials: Students can either view use the self-teaching media or view educational films.
  • Orientation: This is on how to use the library.
  • Open Internet Access.
  • Help and Support

Recently NIS library added a new service called QR Code.

  • You can  use Smart Library  Catalog from any smartphone by reading the Library QR  Code.To read QR Codes, you need a handheld device with a camera, web browser, and QR Codereader software (App) from Google Play & App Store, e.g
  • After downloading the QR Code reader application open your phone camera.
  • Scan QR code
  • Click on the link that appears at the top.
  • Access the library catalog.
  • All results are automatically saved in QR Code reader History for quick retrieval.