Welcome Letter

It is with great joy that I welcome all new and returning staff and students to the Advanced Education Library. Here, you can choose from a vast array of resources to best serve your academic needs. Our facilities are equipped with study areas, silent study areas, as well as information literacy skills resources. We are happy to help you explore the library and discover what it has to offer.

The Advanced Education library offers resources in print and digital format. Here, you will find all you need for your personal and academic needs. We aim to cultivate lifelong readers who find joy and knowledge within the pages they peruse. By creating a learning environment that provides equal and equitable access to technology as well as knowledge, we expect that each visitor invests time in learning how to use these resources effectively and ethically.

Our doors are always open when you have a question that needs to be answered or topic that needs to be researched. When you visit the library, a great way to get started is to ask the librarian for help. They’ll be sure to point you in the right direction.

  • Happy Reading!
  • Tamer Abdullah                                           
  • Head of International Schools Libraries     
  • Tamer.abdullah@nis-egypt.com                                                               

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